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Quebedeaux Quest

A Genealogy Website

Welcome to my genealogy homepage for all Quebedeaux, Quebedeau, Quibodeaux, Kuibodeaux, Kibodeaux, etc., etc., etc. (You get the picture)

Marie Oreza (Hazel) Quibodeaux Powers

6 Dec. 1896 -- 23 Dec. 1985

My grandmother

My name is Missy Burke. Iíve only been doing genealogy research since 1996; and unfortunately for my family, I was hooked instantly! I love the "Queb" name, partly because it was my grandmotherís maiden name, (the only grandmother Iíd ever known) and also because of its unique history. Because of our ancestor, Joseph Quevedo, and the way the French Gallicized the name, we eventually arrived at such spellings as Quebedeau and Quebedeaux. Later the spellings Kuibodeaux and Kibodeaux came into being.

Because Joseph is the progenitor of the "Quebs" (or more simply the "Qís and the Kís"), this presents us with a unique ability to spot a cousin, for this is a unique name. You wonít find this name in France. It also presents us with the chance to do a one-name study, pool our resources, help with our brick walls, and get to know our "Queb family" better. And I am definitely including the many whose surname is no longer Queb, but have had a Queb in their line in past generations.

Hopefully, this site will constantly be under construction. And the more all of you "Queb cousins" respond and share some Queb history that you have found, and share the Queb questions that you have, then the better "Queb-site" we will all have. Now on with the show:

*My Quebedeaux Family Tree
*Lagniappe (Misc.)
*Research Goals
*Colonial Accounts of Joseph Quevedo
*My Favorite Links
*A Look At Quebedeaux House

MEOW! =^_^=

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